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Backyard Monsters

 Backyard Monsters Guide 


In BYM - The short form for Backyard Monsters, players start off with a small stretch of unused grassland. On that, they build a Town Hall (the main building) and resource gatherers, offensive buildings and even defensive buildings. The goal is to expand the base, to attack other players and to survive any enemy (or friend) attacks. All players are situated in the same world and the game goes on even if the players are not online. Gathering enough resources and upgrading buildings often take hours and even days.

 The game revolves around only four resources; Twigs, Pebbles, Putty and Goo. Each of these can be gathered using different buildings and must be stored in storage silos and are used to construct other buildings, upgrade buildings and even research and produce monsters.

  1.  Twigs and Pebbles are mainly used for constructing and upgrading buildings and walls. Upgrading buildings increases their health, functionality and for defensive towers, it also increases range and attack. Upgrading harvesters help to increase resource payout and upgrading the Town Hall grants access to construct new (or even more) buildings.
  2.  Putty is known for using it to construct and upgrade buildings, but it is more well-known for unlocking creatures in the Monster Locker and training the creatures in the Monster Academy. Unlocking creatures allow player to create them in the hatchery through the use of Goo and upgrading them makes the statistics even better - though it may increase the time and the Goo required.
  3.  Goo, on the other hand, is very common but is also widely used. It is used almost for only one purpose - that is - building creatures. No more. Creatures created will be stored in the Monster Housing, which can be upgraded to store even more creatures.
  4.  Shiny, an unnecessary but rather useful currency, used to purchase extra resources, workers, speed up and other various improvements in the game. It can only be bought or found from events and mushrooms.

 Using different formations and plans, users can produce a range of creatures, build a map room (to look for other players and help friends), build a flinger (fling monsters to battle), build a catapult (fling twigs or pebble bombs to help destroy enemies' base) and unleash their monsters and loot resources. To prevent this, users build towers that shoot enemies and walls that slow them down - including booby traps that are invisible to enemy and deal damage once. 

The document provides a (almost) full list of all the stats of the monsters in game, up to the maximum level such as the 6 different statistics of D.A.V.E. for the 6 different levels. Please note it is locked to members only.

 You can access BYM through Facebook through here: Backyard Monsters.

  All the information herein are deemed accurate at the time of edition. We accept no responsibility for any losses incurred using the information provided herein. We are also not in any way or means affiliated with KixEye.

Backyard Monsters

Building and Defenses


Twig Snapper - Produces twigs used for construction

Pebble Shiner - Produces pebbles used for construction

Putty Squisher - Produces putty used for construction and monster development

Goo Factory - Produces goo used for monster making

Storage Silo - Stores resources in them and increases resource capacity



General Store - Allows access to store to use Shiny to speed up or grant protection (and so forth)

Monster Locker - Researches and unlocks new monsters to hatch in the Hatchery (requires Putty)

Monster Academy - Improves the statistics of researched monsters, resulting in higher health/damage/etc. (requires Putty as well)

Housing - Stores the monsters produced in hatchery, upgrade or build more to increase capacity. All monsters in the current housing(s) are killed if the current housing(s) is/are destroyed.

Hatchery - Converts Goo produced from Goo Factory into creatures unlocked in the Monster Locker (requires Goo and Housing)

Hatchery Control Center - Control all hatcheries from a building by adding monsters to one build queue and the control center automatically sends instruction to the first available hatchery to produce the monster (requires Goo and Hatcheries)

Flinger - Enables monsters to be flinged onto other players' yard to attack, but requires the Map Room.

Catapult - Enables resources to be flinged onto other players' yard to damage buildings, but requires Flinger and resources.

Map Room - Enables the player to find friends to help and enemies to attack. A level 1 Map Room provides the basic map layout while a level 2 Map Room introduces outposts to capture and defend.

Wild Monster Baiter  - Sprays musk into the air, causing targeted monsters to attack your base. Used for testing defenses and the siren can scare the monsters off anytime during their attack.

Monster Lab - Researches top secret abilities for your monsters. The information is available in the 'Statistics' section. Requires Putty as well.

Yard Planner - Gives you a bird eye's view of your yard, enable buildings to be moved around easily. Also shows the ranges of your defensive towers.

Monster Juicer - Juices unwanted monsters back into Goo. The level of the juicer affects the amount of Goo obtained back.

Radio Tower - Get E-Mail alerts when someone attacks you or when there are new game updates.


Sniper Towers - Long range, high damage, but slow to reload. Fires once at a time.

Cannon Towers - High damage and faster to reload, but has short range. Exploding on impact causes splash damage.

Tesla Towers - Long range (but shorter than Sniper Towers), high damage and relatively slow to reload. Fires multiple shocks per reload.

Laser Towers - Short range (shorter than Cannon Towers), extremely high damage and relatively faster to reload. Causes splash damage as well.

Monster Bunkers - Enables storage of monsters to aid in defense by sending them to war with the attacking monsters.

Aerial Defense Tower - Fast-firing cannon that attacks air units, such as Teratorn. Relatively slow to reload though.

Railgun - Extremely slow to reload and has a limited range, but deals high damage with an infinite line of fire (which can cause splash damage).

Booby Traps - In other words, monster mines. Triggered when a monsters steps on it and deals about 1K health damage to a small area. 

Heavy Trap - In other words, powerful monster mines. Can only be triggered by Wormzer, Project X, D.A.V.E. and other land-based champions. Deals around 10K health damage to a relatively small area (larger than that of Booby Traps).

Block - Can be upgraded from Wooden to Stone to Metal to Gold to Black Diamond. Can be used to protect buildings and/or channel attacks.

Champion Cage - Evolves a special Champion Monster to aid in attacking enemies and defending base. Only one Champion can be in cage at a time.

Champion Chamber - Stores the current active Champion Monster to produce new ones. Frozen champions are not hurt even if the chamber is completely destroyed.

Quake Tower - Similar to Cannon Tower except it has a smaller range for the monsters to trigger the quake attack, but a large attacking range.


War - Decorations of monsters (based on what they looked before the change of graphics).

Nature - Decorations of nature such as trees and plants.

Leisure - Decoration of toys.

Flags - Flags of countries that are used as decoration. The "Peace" and "Pirate" flag are also found here.

Special - Expensive gold decorations are found here. Decorations from special events such as D.A.V.E. Pumpkin for Halloween '10 and the Wild Monster Invasion Victory Totem Pole are also found here.

Building and Defenses

Underworld Edition [Outdated]





No decorations are available despite "Coming Soon"

All the information herein are deemed accurate at the time of edition. We accept no responsibility for any losses incurred using the information provided herein. We are also not in any way or means affiliated with KixEye.

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